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The Sex Game
The Sex Game is a game of foreplay for couples with 24 different wild scenario sex cards. Use the dice to move from room to room and experience all sorts of sex-orientated scenarios including bondage on the settee, a sultry massage in the kitchen, 69 in the bedroom or oral sex in the bathroom. If you pick a wild card then anything can happen. The possibilities are endless. Included are a game board, 2 playing pieces, 2 dice, 24 sex cards and instructions. Suitable for 2 players.
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52 Weeks Of Kinky Pleasures
This kinky set of scratch and reveal cards come with over 100 kinky ways to spice up your sex life! Fetish delights, kinky surprises, erotic expressions of love and titillating games of seduction are all temptations that you can expect to find inside. Simply pull a card from the satin pouch and see what arousing surprise awaits you and your lover. There will never be another dull moment!
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Naughty Weekender Kit by Lovers Choice
Turn any weekend away into a playful, sexy weekend away with this great Naughty Weekender Kit. Warning, you may not leave your hotel room, so don't bother booking anywhere too fancy! This kit contains a sexy spinner game, warming massage oil, sensual body balm, sizzling body candy, blindfold and tea lights. For sexy fun all weekend long.
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