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Marshmallow Willies
Why not head for cloud nine and enjoy these divine willy shaped marshmallows. Sumptuous and tasty, marshmallows have never tasted so good! Perfect for a hen party, a girl's night in or as a naughty gift purchase.
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Strawberry Flavoured Body Paint Tube 120g
Create a masterpiece over your lovers' body with this strawberry flavoured edible body paint.

The squeezable tube makes it super easy to doodle naughty pictures, sexy words and erotic shapes all over their body and then simply lick it off.

Ingredients: Sugar, Vegetable Fat (Palm Oil, Rape Oil), Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin, Flavour: Natural vanilla, Colour: Conchineal Extract (E120). Contains milk, may contain traces of nuts. Store in a cool dry place. Product of Sweden, packed in the UK.
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Chocolate Body Paint Can
One for chocolate lovers everywhere! Apply this edible chocolate flavoured body paint to any part of your partner's body and then lick it off. Perfect for foreplay and extremely yummy! The applicator brush makes this process very easy but if you want to spread the chocolate body paint in a thicker layer, then simply smear it on with your fingers. Contents: 200g can with included applicator brush.
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Fun Factory Colore Moi Bodypaint
Love yourself Colore Moi bodypaints embellish your love life. Natural scents stimulate senses and give flight to fantasies. Give creativity free reign and create a work of art all your own. Colore Moi can be playfully applied on partners body with a finger or a brush. Finally, the artist can nibble at his masterpiece by kissing away the precious, natural colours.

Available in banana, chocolate, lime, liquorice, orange, peppermint, strawberry or vanilla.
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Jelly Boobs
You've heard of Jelly Babies well now there are Jelly Boobs as well! These fruity flavoured jelly sweets which are shaped like a pair of breasts complete with nipples and are the perfect snack for any red blooded male. Sure to bring a smile to his face, this box full of boobies make a great fun present for men whole like the female form! Box contents: 150g
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Edible Chocolate Body Paint
Calling all chocoholics! Use this delicious saucy and sexy liquid sin in a tube to smoother over your partner's body. It is completely edible so that you can make the most of every moment licking it off! Contents: 150g tube.
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Candy Nipples Tassels
Tasty and titillating nipple tassels.
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