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Monogamy Massage Candle
Steamy adventures await when the powerfully seductively aromas combine. Excite your partner with an intense and erotic massage and fuel the fire of their innermost fantasies or smear over your partner's hungry body then seductively massage the oils deep into their skin until you have satisfied their craving! Available in Chocolate and Vanilla or Amber and Oriental Spice. Can also be used with Monogamy An Intimate Kit of Sensual Essentials. Contents: 65g
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Kama Sutra Love Essentials
Tuck these tricks up your sleeve for when the lights go low and the passion's on the rise. Sample sized versions of some of Kama Sutra's best! Sprinkle on the sweet, edible 60g Honey Dust (feather applicator included), tempt the tongue with spicy Original Oil of Love (20ml), and keep things smooth and sensuous with lubricating Love Liquid (30ml). An irresistible, unforgettable combination that is designed to catapult lovemaking to new heights.
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Kama Sutra Treasures of the Sea Bathing Kit
The bath magic with the fresh ocean scent turns every bath into a blue lagoon. The crystals lay on the bottom of a round tin with fairy-tale design with shell and loofah sponge and are waiting to pamper you and your loved ones. With a blend of nature's own sea salts, seaweeds and organic moisturisers, your bath will be transformed into an ocean of blue azure. Content: 625g.
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