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X Factor Large Penis Pump
This sex pump has one 12 inch long hard plastic shaft with ruler and one pump and pressure release trigger. Three multi-colour, multi-sized sleeves and an ultra-suction 18 inch pressure hose really give this penis sex pump the X Factor!
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Lust Buster Vacuum Sex Pump
This vacuum sex pump is all you need to feel the sensation of having a really large penis whilst exercising your penis muscle at the same time. Features of the Lust Buster Vacuum Sex Pump include a 7.5 inch suction tube, a pump release valve, futuristic rubber donut that holds the tightest vacuum, a multi-speed control handle, a vibrating bullet and a rubber holster.
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Bathmate Shower Strap
Specially designed to go with your Bathmate Hercules pump, simply attach the strong nylon strap to the end of your Bathmate using the clip then place the strap around your neck to keep it in place. This fully adjustable strap is both practical and comfortable and enables you to continue with your male grooming routine standing up without any obstructions.
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Bathmate Hercules
Give your penis a workout with the 11 inch long (total length), 3 inch wide Bathmate Hercules which is the ultimate in pumping devices and hydrotherapy exercisers for your manhood. Using water, this hydro pump is designed to be used in the shower or the bath and can enable you to benefit from impressive hard ons safely and easily whilst simultaneously making your erections longer lasting and harder. A pressure release valve also ensures that you can't over pump. Available in Blue.
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Power Pump The Ultimate Vibrating Pump
The Power Pump is an 8 inch long black and clear sex pump that will enlarge your love muscle! It comes with a soft pliable cock ring base and a bulb shaped hand pump with a push button safety release valve to prevent over pumping. Use this penis pump as it is or add the removable multispeed bullet to its outside for ultra big and powerful erections! The bullet can also be used separately. 2 AA batteries are included.
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Air Control Penis Pump
Designed to work with any length and width penis, the 7.5 inch Air Control Penis Pump now has a removable T-bar finger pump and easy flow air tube to make this one of the best penis sex pumps around. The hard transparent red tube has a raised measuring system and means you can see what is going on in there. To top it all off, like all of the best penis pumps it has a soft latex sleeve and a pressure release valve for total control and confidence.
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Handsome Up Vacuum Pump
The Handsome Up Penis Pump comes with an 8 inch long, 2.4 inch wide clear tube, an easy to hold pump with a quick release pressure valve and three sizes of sleeve to place over the end of the tube to create the perfect vacuum. Supplied with easy to follow instructions and a sample size massage lubricant, you and your partner will be able to see your penis grow in thickness and length as you pump away!
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Vacuum Developer Erection Aid
Designed to provide the maximum in stimulation, pleasure and enlargement for your penis, the 8 inch Vacuum Developer Erection Aid comes with a latex ring for a comfortable fit, see-through plastic tube, a pneumatic bulb which produces a vacuum and quick air release control. Recommended for use with all size cocks, this is a penis sex pump that makes your manhood big, strong and hard!
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