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California Exotics Fireman Love Doll
The Fireman Love Doll can put out even the most intense of desires with his 12 inch long inflatable penis! This life-size blow up love doll is always ready and willing to perform emergency love tasks whenever you want him to. In addition to his special love hose, he also comes equipped with a moulded 3D face, a removable fire coat and hat, and a printed chest. Allow him to put out your love flames!
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California Exotics Tyler Knight Life Like Inflatable Doll
Tyler Knight is the tall, dark and handsome lover that you will want to take to bed with you again and again. This lifesize blow up sex doll comes with a printed 4 colour face and a penis that inflates to 8 inches in length so you will never be left wanting more. Suitable for women, gay men or even as a bit of fun at a Hen Party, Tyler Knight won't let you down.
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Mista Cool Blow Up Doll
This black dream lover is perfect for ladies or men that are looking for a hunky male sex doll that delivers instant satisfaction. This life size blow up doll comes with a realistic printed face, printed chest hair and a huge 8 inch long, 1.5-2.5 inch wide hard cock. There is also a tight and inviting anal love hole that is waiting to be played with or penetrated. Fulfil your deepest, darkest fantasies with Mista Cool, the male sex doll that won't let you down.
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Brandy Big Boob Inflatable Sex Doll
Brandy Big Boob is guaranteed to get you randy! Brandy is the latest of the inflatable sex dolls to our harem. She has 3 luscious love holes (a juicy pussy, a succulent anus and an inviting mouth) and lovely large breasts with hard nipples. Her crowning glory is her 3D formed face with realistic flowing golden hair. Let Brandy become your perfect sex tonic.
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MILF Love Doll
With 3 tight succulent love holes, the MILF Love Doll is one of our favourite sex dolls and will satisfy you orally, vaginally and anally. This busty sex doll puts out and wants a bit of dick action that her husband fails to deliver. Pick a hole and give motherly love a whole new meaning!
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Kimmi Lovecock Love Doll
Using the latest 3-D Forming Technique, the Kimmi Lovecock Love Doll is the most life-like sex doll yet. This innocent looking, blonde haired beauty is a real raver and is sure to keep you more than satisfied.

This sex doll's features include a realistic face with flowing, blonde hair and eyelashes, movable arms, voluptuous breasts with firm nipples, soft, smooth vagina and anus made from Loveclone material. She also has a 3 speed control vibrating bullet, raunchy white finger nails and toenails, a portable carrying case and a convenient inflation pump. Her vital statistics are 34 inch hips, 24 inch waist and a 36 inch bust. She inflates to a height of 5ft 2 inches.
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Belladonna Love Doll
Now is your chance to up close and personal to the baddest, kinkiest girl in the whole world of porn. The Belladonna Love Doll is a PVC reincarnation of this bad, bad girl, resplendent with all her signature tattoos. This sex doll has 3 love holes begging to be filled and actually has her deceptively pretty face printed on the doll. Your dreams can now come true, Belladonna is all yours and she is hot and ready!
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39.99 29.99
J-Ho Fantasy Sex Doll
J-Ho is the famous full size blow up fanny love doll with 3 penetrating holes. Her famous fanny is yours to enjoy! She has the most celebrated ass in town and now it is all yours! You can enjoy every inch of this beautiful sex doll's Bronx bombshell. Her thick, round butt is begging to be squeezed, spanked, and caressed deeply. She likes it rough, rugged, and raw! So give her everything you've got and don't disappoint! This booty from the block will keep you movin' all night long!
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Jessica Love Doll
The super star series presents The Jessica Love Doll. An all round entertainer with 3 thrilling love holes that will take you there every time. Take a newlywed to bed and this sex doll with deliver hours of endless pleasure!
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Pamela Blow Up Doll
Experience the absolute dream girl live. The Pamela sex doll has the delicate face and blonde curly hair of an angel, but with her sexy pout she can suck your dick like a devil! This love doll has a vibrant incredibly tight pussy and anus which are at your voluptuous disposal at any time.
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Naomi Night Nurse Sex Doll
Get your temperature rising with a visit from Naomi, the hot and sexy night nurse. This sex doll will get you back onto your feet in no time with her voluptuous breasts, penetrating anus and succulent pussy. Ever obedient, the Naomi love doll has a removable uniform and skimpy tight briefs and suspenders so she is sure to keep your IV flowing at full drip.
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Our customer rating is 4 stars
Dianna Stretch Deep Penetration Blow Up Sex Doll
Large breasts with hard nipples, brown eyes and hair, pink lips, succulent mouth and a juicy pussy and anus make Dianna the perfect sex doll to live out your sexual fantasies with. Slide in your manly cock and touch Dianna's cum spot!
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Jenna Jameson Extreme Doll
Prepare to be blown away! Now you can take home the ultimate boy toy, Jenna Jameson! Jenna's tight body has finally been cloned into the ultimate boy toy. Moulded directly from her perfect ass and pussy to the most minute detail. Wireless, vibrating ultra-soft mouth for your pleasure. Amazing life-like skin, solid head with removable vagina and ass. Jenna has breasts with life-like nipples, long flowing blonde hair, life-like hands and feet with moveable arms. Holds up to 300lbs (just over 21 stones) and stands 5 feet tall.
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Ivana Love Doll
Ivana is the randy Russian love doll equipped with three horny love holes. She is always looking for you to satisfy her every need and is ready to go any time that you feel like it. Give her what she wants in a choice of her anus, vagina or her mouth. After one taste you will want more Russian loving on a regular basis.
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Pipedream She Aint No Beyonce
Satisfy yourself orally, vaginally and anally with this bootylicious inflatable sex doll! She Ain't No Beyonce is crazy in love for your cock and comes with 3 luscious love holes to prove it. Don't let the seductive smile and good girl reputation of this love doll fool you because she is begging for you to enter her mouth, vagina or anus with your pulsating cock! Squeeze her bootylicious ass or massage her ample breasts as you ride her well into the night!
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45.00 29.99
Kombat Cherri Doll
Kombat Cherri is a blow up sex doll that is seriously geared up for action. She can't wait to show you her weapons of mass destruction. Choose deep throat action from her welcoming mouth or experience her succulent pussy or her penetrating anus. She also has incredibly voluptuous breasts and a removable tight fitting camouflage jacket, shirt and cap.
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39.95 27.99
Sophia Rossi Big Boob Blow Up Love Doll
From her pouting mouth with tempting lips to her succulent pussy and ass, Sophia Rossi is one of the most beautiful babes in the adult industry today. Now you can take her home. This sex doll has a realistic printed face and her three luscious holes are ready to receive you any time that you please. She also has the added benefit of enormous tits.
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India Nubian Love Doll
Let me fulfil your fantasies with my tight round ass, firm ripe breasts and my beautiful, life-like ebony face. Slip your rod inside one of my inviting love holes (mouth, anus and vagina) and experience what it means to ride the Nubian Queen!
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Sex Teen Love Doll
The Sex Teen Love Doll is life size with soft flesh-like skin. Having ripe young breasts, curvaceous hips and legs, a loving mouth and a luscious vagina, Sex Teen is the life size sex doll that will keep you feeling young at heart. This sexy girl will show you all her sexual mysteries! She loves it anyway you do and is sure to become your constant companion. Her hungry open mouth and sweet tight pussy are always ready - take her all the way, every way you can.
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Angelo Loverboy Doll
Angelo is the blow up sex doll that will stay hard all night long. This life size inflatable love doll has a 7 inch long, 1.5 - 2.25 inch thick penis that won't ever let you down. Angelo also has a printed hairy chest and a printed face and hair. When you have had enough of this male sex doll simply deflate him and pack him away until next time. He is perfect for women and gay men. Material PVC.
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