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Rimba Gag with Wooden Ball and Headstrap
The Wooden Ball Gag is a fantastic alternative if you are allergic to rubber or latex. With totally adjustable metal buckle fastening leather straps, this gag with headstrap is suitable for men or women of most sizes.
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Strict Leather Sensory Deprivation Hood
Experience the thrill of sensory deprivation with this quality leather hood. Pull the locking leather straps tight against the padded eyes, mouth and ears and feel the pressure of the soft leather around your head. Become submissive to your master's demands as your senses depart and you stuggle to hear their commands. Features padded leather ear covers, padded leather covering for eyes and mouth with a 3/4 inch mouth hole. The back is leather laced for a tight fit and there are an additional 3 leather locking straps to tighten which can be used with or without padlocks. Comes in 2 sizes. Measurements: Small/Medium: 20 - 26 inches in circumference with necks between 15 - 20 inches. Medium/Large: 22 - 28 inches in circumference with necks between 18 - 23 inches. To get the right fit in circumference, you need to measure around the head over the ears and under the nose.
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Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spider Gag
When wide open isn't wide enough, The Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spider Gag is the gag to turn to. This gag has a sturdy steel 1.5 inch inner diameter ring with four curved metal 'legs' attached which helps to prevent the mouth from closing leaving your sub's mouth wide open for whatever you wish to place inside of it! The gag connects to an adjustable buckle fastening back strap which keeps it securely in place. Jaw ache beckons! One size fits the majority.
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Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Ball Gag
Looking for the perfect-sized ball gag but none of them seem to fit? With a few squeezes of the medical-style pump ball, this latex gag (original size 3.5 x 1.75 inches) quickly inflates to fill any size mouth. To relieve the pressure and deflate the gag, simply press the quick-release valve and it shrinks to its original size. The strap adjusts to fit circumferences of up to 24 inches. A free eye mask is also included.
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Fetish Fantasy Beginners Bit Gag
Teach your lover the meaning of submissive in no time with this PVC Bit Gag. Made from the same durable material as plastic PVC pipes, this firm gag is great for pony play or gag beginners. The vinyl straps easily adjust to fit most sizes, while they connect to the gag using a sturdy metal O-ring. It's great for small mouths and can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time. Your lover won't know when or how to speak see who has the last word now!
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Fetish Fantasy Head Job Ball Gag
Finally, you can fuck with his head and give face time a whole new meaning with the Head Job Ball Gag with Dong. Sit on your lovers face and they won't say a word even if they wanted to. The firm rubber gag will keep them silent and submissive and under your command! The 6.5 inch phthalate-free dong is firm yet pliable, allowing the wearer to get up close and personal, while the 2.5 inch rubber piece comfortably keeps your subject gagged. The head harness easily adjusts with a belt-style buckle to fit most sizes. Cleanup is a snap after the fun with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water.
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Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Ball Gag with Dong
Make a statement without saying a word with this Deluxe Ball Gag with Dong. This 2-in-1 gag has something for both of you. A smooth, round rubber gag for your subject and a firm rubber 5 inch vein detailed dong for some up close and personal, in your face pleasure. The leather straps and buckle easily adjust to up to a circumference of 26 inches and the dong cleans up easily with toy cleaner and warm water. This set comes with a free eye mask. Give face time a whole new meaning.
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Fetish Fantasy Double Ball Gag
For the those times when silence is golden, this Double Ball gag is sure to do the trick! Share the pleasures of being bound and gagged with your partner and get closer than ever before. This naughty Double Ball Gag is connected by a strong rubber tether and allows you to move as close to each other as you would like the only catch is that neither will be able to say a word! The strong nylon straps easily adjust to fit most sizes, will the firm rubber gag stays place in your mouth when the action heats up. Shhhh...not a peep out of either of you!
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Fetish Fantasy Open Mouth Gag
Do not say a word! Teach your lover the meaning of submissive in no time with this naughty unisex Open Mouth Gag. You're in control over when your lover can or can't speak - act out your fantasies and fulfil your desires while your partner is gagged and silent. The firm rubber gag fits snugly in your mouth and adjusts easily with PVC straps. One size fits up to a 29 inch circumference head. Includes a free eye mask.
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Rimba Lead with Mouth Piece
This is one for the true lovers on BDSM. This Lead with Mouth Piece allows the master to keep their sub completely silent and has the added bonus of having the option of leading them around the bedroom. Keep your sub on a tight leash!
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Rimba Gag - Inflatable Balloon and Pump
Inflate the latex balloon with the hand pump, twist the screw into place to keep it inflated, and to ensure that your sub does not remove the balloon gag tie the adjustable buckle fastening leather strap around their head. Unisex; one size fits the majority of users.
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Rimba Gag With Urine Tube - 35mm Diameter
This Leather Gag is definitely one for the water sports fetishists out there. This gag has completely adjustable metal buckle fastenings meaning that it is suitable for most users and a urine tube that has a 35 mm diameter so that you can play out your water sports fantasies with ease. This gag allows you to take 45mm of internal tubing and has an external measurement of 35mm.
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Rimba Gag - Internal and External Dildo
With the internal dildo measuring 2.5 inches in length and the external dildo measuring 5.5 inches this gag allows for plenty of possibilities. Where will the wearer of the gag place the external dildo - in their partner's mouth, anus or vagina? The dildo has veined detailing and a realistic penis head for extra realism. The leather gag fits most sizes with its adjustable metal buckle fastening.
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Rimba Gag with Internal Dildo
Subject your sub to gagging with a difference. Unlike traditional ball gags, this gag comes with a 2.5 inch long internal dildo with realistic dong head and vein detailing. One size fits the majority of users with the completely adjustable metal buckle closure.
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Rimba Gag - Soft Lined Mouthpiece
Measuring 2.75 inches in width and 2.4 inches in internal length, this Leather Gag is softer than most gags as the mouthpiece itself is made of leather. This unisex gag has metal studded detail on the outer and fits most sizes with its adjustable press stud closure method.
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Rimba Gag with Rubber Ball and Headstrap
Silence your sub with this Leather Gag with Rubber Ball and Headstrap. The headstrap means that there really is no escaping from this BDSM device until the master unbuckles the adjustable metal buckle fastening straps. One size fits the majority of users.
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Rimba Gag with Silicone Ball
Silence your subject and take complete control with this Leather Gag with Silicone Ball. The metal buckle fastening leather strap is completely adjustable and has 8 different closure holes (adjustable up to a circumference of 21 inches) which makes this item of bondage gear suitable for the majority of men and women.
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Our customer rating is 5 stars
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Rimba Jennings Gag
The Jennings Gag is one of the harshest gags that we stock. Made of steel, it has a teethed ratchet system that allows the mouth of your sub to be stretched up to 2 inches apart. Fairly uncomfortable to wear, this gag renders speech impossible and leaves jaws aching for a considerable time after wear. Suitable for all sizes.
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Rimba Latex/Rubber Inflatable Gag
Place the inflatable balloon into the mouth of your sub and use the hand pump to inflate it as large as your sub can handle. The gag remains inflated when the screw alongside the hand pumping mechanism is tightened and deflates when the pressure is released.
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Rimba Latex/Rubber Ball Head Strap Gag
The Rubber Ball Head Strap Gag adjusts to fit most sizes as it has a changeable buckle fastening closure. You sub will be completely silenced so that you can do whatever you please with them and they will not be able to complain.
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