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Nipple Super Sucker
Let your nipples bloom like tender buds in spring with a little bit of gentle nipple stretching.

Put the plastic cylinder on your breast and pump until the nipple starts to sprout. Your nipples get better supplied with blood now. This makes you more susceptible to the touch of your partner who really gets going at the sight of your ripe grapes! If you are looking for a bit of nipple stretching then this nipple sucker can help.
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Vibrating Nipple Clamps
The non piercing Vibrating Nipple Clamps are for him, her or both of you. Tease your nipples with these outrageously powerful stimulators and prepare yourself for the reverberating pleasures that this highly charged arouser will produce. Activate the exhilarating rubber dipped clamps and adjustable tension enhancer screws for a titillating experience. Turn the power up to the max on the multispeed controller and the vibrating bullets attached to the nipple clamps will excite you like nothing else. Batteries included.
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Easy Grow Breast Enlarger
The Easy Grow Breast Enlarger is the quick solution for bigger breasts! Simply place the breast suction cups with adjustable stretch bands firmly over the breasts and generate the effective vacuum with the hand pump: right away the breasts will visibly swell! Everyday use ensures a better blood flow. In some cases, the breasts can become permanently lifted and enlarged. The vacuum pump has a release valve for safety.
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Sextreme Female Clamps and Chain
The female clamps and chain are exquisite nipple to clit clamps.

This nipple clamp harness is the bad girl's day wear. The two nipple and labia clamps are attached to solid chains, so they can give just the right amount of pull. The slightly ridged clamps have removable rubber tips so that the nickel free material will not cut into your skin. These nipple clit clamps will give you just the sensations you crave.
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Fetish Fantasy Nipple Chain Clamps
Make your nipples stand to attention with pleasure with these adjustable Nipple Chain Clamps. Just squeeze the spring-loaded clamps over your nipples and adjust the screw until you reach your desired tightness. The clamps are lined with rubber to help ease the squeeze, while the sturdy 11.5 inch metal allows for other pleasure possibilities.
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Fetish Fantasy Tit Chain Clamps
Use these tit clamps to feel a new sensation in heavy metal pleasures! The thrilling excitement of metal bobbing against your chest is exhilarating as the pressure of the non-adjustable clamps linked by the 12 inch long chain elevates your sexual encounters!
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Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Triple Suckers
Turn on the 3 mini vibrators, place the cupped Nipple Super Suck-Hers over the nipples, place the cupped Clit Suck-Her over the clitoral area and pump the ball until the suckers stay in place. The stimulating suction and titillating vibration generated by the clit pump and suckers brings on a sensational climax. Just press the quick release button when finished. Try it in the bath for a new and exciting thrill. Enjoy the free samples of Moist Lube and toy cleaner!
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Rimba Double Chain Nipple Clips
Enhance your nipples with these fabulous silver nipple clamps which are attached to each other via an 11 inch double chain. The nipple clamps are easy to attach, simply slide over each nipple and they will adorn your body perfectly. The further down the stem of the clamp you go, the tighter they get!
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Rimba Small Breast Pump
These breast and nipple suckers are fantastic for extending the length of the nipple. Simply squeeze the bulb to get the air out, place over the nipple, let the air out and feel the pull on you nipple. The total length of this pump is just over 3 inches. Please take note that the pump will only work to its full capability if the skin around the nipple is hair free.
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Rimba Extra Large Breast pump
Using a Breast Pump and nipple sucker is fantastic if you want to extend the length of your nipple. Simply squeeze all of the air out of the bulb, place over the nipple, release the air and feel the pulling sensation on your nipple. The total length of this pump is 5.5 inches. Be advised that these pumps do not work to their full potential if the skin around the nipple is hairy.
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Rimba Medium Breast pump
Use this breast pump and nipple sucker to elongate the length of the nipple. This 4.75 inch (total length) breast pump works by firstly vacating all of the air from the bulb then placing it over the nipple and letting the air out to feel the pull on the nipple. In order for the pump to work to its full potential, all hair around the nipple must be removed.
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Rimba Plastic Nipple Clamps with Double Chain
If you are looking for nipple clamps with a real bite to them then look no further than to these Plastic Nipple Clamps. Squeeze your nipples into the teethed clamps and feel the full force of the downwards drag created by the 9 inch long metal double chain. Ultimate pleasure and pain is guaranteed.
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Rimba Nipple Clamps with Titty Whips
These metal nipple clamps have a coated plastic end but are not adjustable. Attached to them are 5.5 inch long leather whips. Choose to tickle, whack or do anything in-between with the leather tassels.
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Rimba Nipple clamps with 200g Weights
If you are looking to increase sensations to your nipples and thrill your partner at the same time try these unisex Nipple Clamps with 200g Weights attached. The nipple clamps are not adjustable so therefore provide plenty of pleasure/pain but to ensure that the metal isn't too harsh on the nipple itself, the ends of the clamps are coated with a thin layer of rubber.
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Rimba Ball Nipple Clamps - 150g Weight (Pair)
Spherical in shape, this pair of nipple clamps are weighted to 150g for your gratification. The non-adjustable clamps have a serrated edge to give more bite and allow for easier gripping of the nipple. Be the slave and yield to your master!
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Rimba Nipple Clamps with 200g Weights
Secure these clamps tightly onto your nipples and be led around by your master whilst you both take pleasure from these 200g bondage weights in your bondage role play. NB. These metal nipple clamps are non-adjustable meaning that the intensity of feeling to your nipples cannot be lessened.
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Rimba Nipple Clamps with 150g Weights
If you are looking for gratification to your nipple region and enjoy bondage games simultaneously try out some of these Nipple Clamps with 150g Weights attached. The heaviness of these weights combined with the non-adjustable metal clamps will increase the level of pleasure/pain to your nipples markedly.
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Rimba Adjustable Nipple Clamps (Pair)
Use the screw in these nipple clamps to adjust the metal bar to a tension at which you feel comfortable with. These Adjustable Nipple Clamps also include a ring on each clamp to which nipple clamp weights (not included) can be attached to increase the sensations to your nipples.
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Rimba Male Metal Nipple To Cock Chain
Place your cock and balls through the 2 inch inner diameter rigid metal cock ring and then attach the nipple clamps connected via the 17 inch long chain. These clamps are not adjustable and secure tightly onto your nipples. By harnessing them to your cock, it furthers pleasure/pain opportunities.
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Rimba Nipple Clamps Bra - Adjustable Screws
If you are looking for nipple clamps with a difference, the Nipple Clamps Bra will provide exactly that. It has completely adjustable fastenings behind the neck and around the back (not unlike a normal bra). This difference with this bra is that its made from genuine leather and each cup contains a metal ring with 3 adjustable clamps ensuring that your nipples can be pinned from difference angles when you move around.
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