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Fifty Shades of Grey Soft Limits Deluxe Wrist Tie
This luxurious satin wrist tie feels delicately soft against your skin but at the same time it's incredibly strong assuring that your partner won't be able to wriggle free. Generous in length (measuring a total of 53 inches), these soft restraints can be used on wrists as well as ankles and can also be used to tie wrists or ankles to furniture for stimulating bedroom games. To use, place a wrist or ankle either side of the central loop and tie the satin restraint into a bow.

Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James.
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Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Grey Silk Ties
These 2 Grey Silk Ties are perfectly suited for beginners to bondage due to their soft consistency. Amazingly adaptable, these ties can be used to bind, gag or blindfold your partner. The silk is sturdy enough to restrain whilst still being soft enough against the skin to remain comfortable at all times. If you place these silk restraints around your neck or over your hair, they will retain your own fragrance which adds a hint of eroticism to any encounter. Total length of each silk tie: 38 inches.
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SXY Cuffs
These never-before-seen cuffs have a unique cross design, which are not only satisfyingly secure, but beautifully comfortable. Made from sensually smooth neoprene and robust Velcro and webbing, you will be amazed by the confident hold SXY cuffs give with such a clear and simplistic design. Perfect for keeping your hands crossed in that perfect “torture me now” position whether your hands are tied above your head or behind your back depending on whether nipple tweaking or butt whipping is your thing. A naughty extra is the strong metal D-ring placed perfectly in the centre of the cuffs enabling users to attach tethers to create endless possibilities. These unique pivoting cuffs give total comfort however much you resist, creating a new and exciting side for your restraint play.
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Sex and Mischief Flexible Coil Restraints
This pair of soft restraints contain a bendable nickel free inner metal core that's coated in foam to make them sturdy yet soft on the skin. These 34 inch long coil restraints are so flexible that they can be bent and twisted around everything from body parts such as wrists and ankles to physical objects such as stair banisters, bedposts and chairs. They can even be used for whipping your sub with. Available in Black.
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California Exotics Tantric Binding Love Hog-Tie
Secure your submissive in this hog tie set which can be used to restrain the arms and legs at the front or behind the back. The 4 ankle and wrist cuffs are made from comfortable, stretchy elastic, all of which attach to a central ring via heart-shaped T-rings and snap trigger hooks. The unisex cuffs are also decorated with plush red satin bows. Available in Black/Red as shown.
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Monogamy Tie Me Up Tape
Available in Red or Black, the sensual self-cling Tie Me Up Tape sticks only to itself and not to you. You and your partner are bound to have hours of fun together. You can use it as a blindfold, wrist restraints, ankle restraints, to tie your partner to a chair...the possibilities are endless! With approximately 20m of tape to go at, there will be plenty of time to experiment.
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California Exotics Tantric Binding Love Corset With Wrist Cuffs
Made from comfortable, stretchy elastic, this corset comes with two attached stretchy elastic wrist cuffs adorned with red satin bows. The front and back of the corset come with a lace tie up vinyl panel making it universally adjustable. This restraint is ideal for beginners to bondage because it won't leave any markings on the skin and is also extremely comfortable to wear. Available in Black/Red as shown.
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Bondage Tape
The ultimate in bondage restraints, Bondage Tape is 20 metres in length and available in a wide selection of colours. Use it to tie, bind, gag and even mummify your partner! Bondage tape is perfect for beginners and experienced players alike and a single roll will go much further than you think because it can be re-used. Non-harmful, it doesn't stick to skin but just to itself so unravelling will not prove to be a painful experience.
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Soft Wrist, Thigh and Ankle Cuffs
Make your partner defenceless against irresistible captivating pleasure games while lying back! Place the straps around the thighs and immobilise the hands and feet with the wrist and ankle cuffs attached to them. The softly padded cuffs and straps made of are tearproof nylon and have adjustable Velcro fastenings.
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Soft 9 Piece Bed Bondage Set
Bed bondage set for spell-binding games in the sack! The 4 snap hook straps are attached to the connecting strap and placed under the mattress. The four cuffs with Velcro fasteners are hooked into the snap hooks. Now one of the partners can easily tie him/herself up with widespread arms and legs to be indulged by the other. The tear resistant cuffs are 5cm wide and each strap is 140 cm long.
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Fetish Fantasy Series Web Restraint System
Perfect for beginners and those who are into soft bondage, this easy to install bed restraint system transforms your bed into bondage playground! Suitable for full, queen and king size mattresses, the nylon web hooks underneath the mattress and can easily be adjusted to the right fit. 4 soft adjustable neoprene ankle/wrist cuffs with Velcro closures are also included. The webbing features 24 different web lines which the wrist/ankle restraints with built in Velcro loops can slide along. Just think of the possibilities! A free eye mask is also included.
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Fetish Fantasy Silk Scarf Restraints
Unwind and get a little risque with the feel of silk. These restraints are softer and more sensual than leather, but get the job done nonetheless. Ideal for beginners for binding and gagging, the soft silk securely restrains your lover without discomfort. This set of two 37 inch long scarves and a love mask will start your night on its way to a frisky, seductive encounter.
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Fetish Fantasy Bondage Garter Belt Set
Explore the fusion between fashion and fetish with this provocative Bondage Garter Belt Set. This sexy nylon garter belt is no ordinary piece of lingerie its a super-sexy bondage accessory for those who want to look good while exploring new bondage encounters! Attached to the side of both hips are heavy-duty D-rings, which connect to a pair of super-soft adjustable wrist cuffs, preventing the wearer from moving their arms. Dress your lover up in the seductive kit, then enjoy yourself while they're helplessly bound and at your mercy. The cuffs easily adjust to fit most sizes and attach to the D-rings using heavy-duty metal springclips.
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Fetish Fantasy Door Jam Restraint
Turn any ordinary door into an erotic bondage playground with this Door Jam Cuff Set. Simply drape 2 acrylic tubes over the top of an open door, slide the other 2 under the bottom of the door, close the door, and your partner is securely restrained. The acrylic tubes hold securely when the door is closed without scuffing or damaging the door, and there is no need for modification or fancy hardware. The velvet wrist and ankle cuffs easily adjust to fit most sizes, while the strong metal clips and O-rings prevent your subject from escaping. Explore new positions and new scenarios you never thought were possible, all while your partner is bound and at your mercy. The total length of each door strap is 34 inches but this can easily be shortened with the adjustable slider.
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Fetish Fantasy Series Ultimate Fantasy Kit
This Fetish Fantasy Bag leaves no stone unturned. It comprises a whopping 14 items, something to bring any fetish fantasy to life. Whether you're new to this side of love or an expert this set will let you tease, tie and titillate or be on the receiving end. All items are from the Fetish Fantasy Range so are of the highest quality, a very dark bag of tricks indeed. Full list of Goodies: Love Mask, Inflatable Position Master, Feather Tickler, Suction Cuffs, Cat O Nine Tail, First Timer Cuffs, On the Go Keychain, Hot Wax Candle, Ball Gag, Tether Set, Bondage Tape, 1 oz Moist Lube, Mini Mite and Do It Doggie Harness.
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Fetish Fantasy Silk Rope Bondage Set
This silk rope bondage set will fulfil all your fantasies!

A favourite Japanese love aid for centuries, these riveting rope restraints will bring you and your lover closer together.

Experience the thrill of being bound with the comfort of gentle silk rope. Adjust the rope around your wrists and ankles for passionate play. FREE love mask inside.
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Fetish Fantasy Wrist Ankle Cuffs
Looking for a cuff that can do it all and made to play hard? Look no further, the Universal Wrist/Ankle Cuffs are here!

This versatile combo cuff set is tethered together by a heavy duty chain and connected to two sturdy O-rings. They are perfect for beginners, but strong enough to please bondage enthusiasts as well. The comfortable neoprene cuffs easily adjust with velcro to fit snug and tight, and they are big enough to wear around the ankles or wrists. Secure your lover and fulfill your fetish fantasies!
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Fetish Fantasy Purple Pleasure Set
Keep your lover quiet and under control with this playful Purple Pleasure Set. Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike, this sexy set of cuffs and ball gag puts a seductive twist on bondage play by combing two classic favorites.

The soft Velcro fastening neoprene cuffs adjust to fit most sizes and connect using a heavy duty metal o-ring and clips. The breathable ball gag (adjustable up to a circumference of 28 inches) uses a leather strap to adjust and fit snugly, controlling when and how often your lover speaks. Secure your lover, take control, and explore your Fetish Fantasies! A free eye mask is also included.
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Fetish Fantasy Purple Cheetah Bondage Kit
Explore each others naughty side with this all-in-one Purple Cheetah Bondage Kit. Perfect for couples looking to try something fun and different, this beginners set is made from high-quality PVC and lined with plush cheetah-patterned velvet.

The kit includes a pair of wrist and ankle cuffs, firm velvet-lined paddle, plush lined loved mask, collar with sturdy o-ring, and a nylon leash with connecting clip. You will love the look of the shiny PVC, your partner will love the feel of the soft velvet lining. Experience the thrill of bondage and explore your deepest fetish fantasies!
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Saucy Slave Kit
The Saucy Slave Kit is bling enough to wear out clubbing but strong enough to subdue! The soft fur lined cuffs are adjustable up to a 10 inch circumference with metal buckle fastenings and has the word SLAVE in sparkly diamonte brandished on them. They are linked by trigger hooks and a 3 inch chain. There is also a fur lined SLAVE collar adjustable up to an 18 inch circumference, an elasticated felt blindfold and a suede hip whip.
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