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Vibrating O Sleeve
The stretchy O Sleeve is incredibly soft and comes with a removable vibration head which cleverly activates upon body contact. Designed to add pleasure for both him and her, this stretchy sleeve gives him the assurance of giving her a fantastic orgasm. Total length: 6.5 inches. Length of solid penis head with removable vibration: 1.75 inches. Battery included.
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Mojo Svelte Penis Sleeve
This 3 inch long penis sleeve is unlike most other penis sleeves on the market because it has sections cut out of it assuring skin on skin contact can occur during penetration. This penis sleeve is made out of high grade medical silicone which means it can stretch whilst still retaining its shape. It is also durable and waterproof, and can help you to achieve a thicker, more long lasting erection whilst pleasuring you and your partner with its smooth ridges and missing sections. Available in Black as shown. This sleeve can also be used with dildos or vibrators.
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Mojo Slinky Penis Sleeve
Made from high grade medical silicone, the Slinky Penis Sleeve is durable and stretchy whilst still being able to retain its shape. This 3 inch long pleasure provider can not only generate a firmer, fuller and more long lasting hard on but can also stimulate your partner. The cut outs in its design also allow you to enjoy skin on skin contact during penetration. It is also fully waterproof and can also be used with dildos and vibrators. Available in Black as shown.
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California Exotics Ultimate Stroker Beads
Experience better sex for you and your partner with the Ultimate Stroker Beads. The 5 rows of linked beads give added support for him leading to a stronger and longer lasting erection. They also provide an embellished feeling of stroking sensations from the beads for both partners when penetration takes place. These beads are also stretchy and smooth. Available in Silver as pictured. One size fits all.
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Lagoon Penis Sleeves 4pk
This pack of 4 two inch long stretchable silicone penis cuffs can be fitted to the penis, a finger, a dildo or vibrator. The four textures are pleasure grooves, spirals, pronounced grooves and a rhombic surface - all of which will deliver sensational feelings.
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