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Rimba Vaginal Speculum - Stainless Steel
This vaginal speculum is made of stainless steel making it incredibly easy to keep clean. Because it is made of stainless steel it is also guaranteed not to rust. The two rounded prongs are 4 inches long. The angle of the prongs is easily adjustable by using the pivot to adjust to the appropriate level. The position of the vaginal speculum is then secured in place with the adjustable screw feature.
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Two Fork Metal Anal Speculum
Made from stainless steel meaning that is easy to maintain cleanliness between uses, this Anal Speculum is an example of a medical sex toy that allows you to easily view the anal passageway. The two forks are 3.5 inches long and have rounded edges. Simply insert the speculum, use the hand grippers to easily prise apart the anal opening and tighten the adjustable screw to the appropriate degree of leverage.
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