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Rimba Intimate Aluminium Douche
For a more powerful douche experience, screw this 5 inch long Intimate Aluminium Douche onto your shower in place of the shower head. With five holes on the rounded end just imagine the level of cleansing that can be achieved when you turn up the pressure on your shower! The rounded end also enables easy insertion into the anus.
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Rimba Medical Irrigator
Attach the 52 inch long hose to the bottom of the drain bag, turn the tap on to a level that you feel comfortable with, insert one of the two attachments onto the tap and insert into the anus. One attachment has one hole in it while the other one has four holes. The bag also comes with a hook so that it can easily be suspended from high up.
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Rimba Intimate Bulbous Douche Large
Cleanse your most intimate areas with this large Douche. This unisex balloon squirt comes with a 4 inch long, 3 inch wide bulb and a single holed plastic insert which slips comfortably into the bulb with one end and either the vagina or anus with the other end.
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Rimba Intimate Bulbous Douche Small
The smaller version of the balloon squirt douche comprises of a bulb that measures 3.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide and a plastic insert which fits into this. Simply fill the bulb with water and insert the other end of the plastic squirting nozzle into either the vagina or the anus for a thoroughly good cleansing. The nozzle comes with a single hole at the end.
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Rimba Rinser
Simply fill the bulb of this unisex Rinser with water and pump away. Choose from two nozzles: the smaller one contains a single hole and the larger one contains nine holes. Both have rounded ends for easier insertion. The Rinser is available in Red or Black.
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