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Fifty Shades of Grey Delicious Pleasure Silicone Ben Wa Balls
Enjoy a heightened level of stimulation during and after play and expertly tone and tighten your vaginal muscles with these exclusive Fifty Shades of Grey Ben Wa Balls. The soft smooth silicone is teamed up with two lightweight spheres which move around whenever you do creating a fantastic sensation. Each ball measures 2 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width. Gently insert one ball at a time. Remove these orgasm balls using the flexible silicone cord. A satin storage bag is also included. Available in Black as shown.

Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James.
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Oriental Pleasure Balls
Vaginal balls were invented hundreds of years ago in order to boost sexual pleasure and exercise the vaginal muscles. Use these weighted metal balls (each measuring 0.75 inches in width) to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which can help women with natural childbirth and prevent genital prolapse. The motion of these vaginal balls can also induce incredible sexual satisfaction! Presented in a decorative box. Contents: 2 weighted silver balls.
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Sex and Mischief Steele Sex Balls
Satisfy your innermost vaginal pleasures with this pair of sanitised 100% stainless steel sex balls. Measuring just 0.75 inches across, these love balls with generate fantastic feelings as they roll around inside you. They are also ultra discreet and can be used to exercise your pelvic floor muscles. A soft felt drawstring storage bag is also included.
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Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Ben-Wa Balls
This pair of weighted Ben-Wa Balls can be used either alone or with a partner. Use them as kegel balls to build up vaginal muscles, or simply enjoy the sensations that they provide as the smooth metal surface of the balls bump into each other inside you. It's surprising how something so small and simple can provide so much intimate pleasure! NB. The diameter of each ball is 0.75 inches. Available in Gold.
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Vibratone Love Balls
Soft, nodular Vibratone Balls are the perfect way to obtain orgasmic pleasure without using your hands! The soft pink jelly nodular covering contains internal steel balls for continuous movement. The strong and sturdy Nylon cord allows for effective and safe pleasure. Total length 13cm - 5 inches (excludes end cord).
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Disco Queen Jiggle Balls
This pair of purple love balls are sparkly enough to give your pleasure palace a writhing good time! The smooth 1.25 inch diameter coated orgasm balls are adorned with lots of decorative rhinestones to make your vaginal experience even more stimulating than with plain balls. There is also a removal cord ensuring that retrieval is easy. These sex balls are so shiny that they could also be used as Christmas tree decorations! Available in Purple as shown.
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Super Soft Duo Jiggle Balls
This pair of connected unisex orgasm balls are suitable for either vaginal or anal use. Measuring 1.25 inches in diameter, they come with a soft marble effect outer coating which houses an internal weight for continuous movement and adult fun. The strong and durable pull cord, made of plastic tubing, has a 3 inch loop leash which makes removal a breeze. These love balls are also easy to clean. Available in Black as shown.
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Stardust Love Balls
With these glittery love balls fun times are sure to follow. The perfect addition to a night of divine pleasure, these 1.25 inch diameter love balls are made from soft and slippery PVC. With each one containing a super quiet vibro ball, stimulating massage is guaranteed.
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King Sized Sex Balls
Our largest ever love eggs, at over 1.75 inches in diameter these will give you hours of fun. The two pleasure balls contain inner vibro balls. Simply insert and the rolling motion will totally satisfy your lustful pleasures.
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Heart Crystal Balls
Coming in a pink heart shaped metal tin with a satin lining these pleasure balls are extra special because they are made from hand blown glass which contains a pretty glass inner heart design. Measuring an inch in diameter, these duotone pleasure balls are made from toughened glass making them completely safe to use. They can also be heated up or cooled down under hot or cold running water to further heighten sensations.
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Duo Sex Balls
These cheap Ben Wa balls offer fantastic internal stimulation from the rolling motion generated from their internal balls no matter what you are doing. They are one of the few sex toys that can give you the most sexual satisfaction when you have got your clothes on. How about wearing them doing your weekly shop? If you wear them at work, your colleagues will wonder what is making you smile so much. These cheap Ben Wa balls come in rubber or silver.
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Orgasm Vibrating Sex Balls
The 1.25 inch diameter gold coloured orgasm balls can be used for anal and vaginal pleasures. Insert these two orgasm balls (connected via a small wire) into your chosen erogenous zone and turn on the multispeed controller for a buzz. For a gentle hum choose a low speed setting for a full on throb turn the dial up to max! Batteries are provided.
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Doc Johnson Pleasure Ball Vibe
The 3.25 inch diameter Pleasure Ball Vibe is the perfect massager to have an orgasmic time with. Just use the easy to operate push button control to select your favourite of the 3 vibrating speed settings. This vibrating massage ball can also be used to relieve tension and help with muscle aches. Its waterproof qualities mean that it can also be used in the bath or shower. Available in Pink/Red or Purple/Blue. Batteries included.
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Lelo Luna Pleasure Balls
Luna beads combine a pleasure and fitness system that enables women and their partners to enhance their sensations for years to come. Developed as a stylish and discreet alternative to the traditional geisha balls, Luna beads work to strengthen the vaginal wall and make it more responsive to touch, improving muscular control and allowing for the most intense and stimulating orgasms in the future. When placed delicately inside, they deliver a subtle, movement-induced vibe for the most pleasurable workout, making Luna beads the ideal accessory for those who relish the pleasures that caring for your body will bring. Available in white (beads petal pink / powder blue) Bead size: 3.6 cm Weight: 2 x 28 grams (petal pink) 2 x 37 grams (powder blue).
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Sarahs Secret Sex Balls
Simply insert your two love balls and enjoy. The subtle pleasure gained from the rolling motion contained within the 1.25 inch diameter love balls will increase the more that you train your love muscle. Use vaginally, anally or both! The total length of Sarah's Secret is 8.25 inches including interconnecting string. These sex balls are available in Red, White or Blue.
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4 Gold Vibro Balls
Melt away those lustful urges with this set of Vibro Balls. These golden pleasure balls feature a small vibro-ball that dances inside whenever movement is made by the user. All four balls are connected to a string which culminates in a hand strap for extra control. The balls each have a 3cm diameter. The total length including the string is 40cm.
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