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Rimba Nipple clamps with 200g Weights
If you are looking to increase sensations to your nipples and thrill your partner at the same time try these unisex Nipple Clamps with 200g Weights attached. The nipple clamps are not adjustable so therefore provide plenty of pleasure/pain but to ensure that the metal isn't too harsh on the nipple itself, the ends of the clamps are coated with a thin layer of rubber.
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31.89 21.26
Rimba Ball Nipple Clamps - 150g Weight (Pair)
Spherical in shape, this pair of nipple clamps are weighted to 150g for your gratification. The non-adjustable clamps have a serrated edge to give more bite and allow for easier gripping of the nipple. Be the slave and yield to your master!
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39.54 26.36
Rimba Nipple Clamps with 200g Weights
Secure these clamps tightly onto your nipples and be led around by your master whilst you both take pleasure from these 200g bondage weights in your bondage role play. NB. These metal nipple clamps are non-adjustable meaning that the intensity of feeling to your nipples cannot be lessened.
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36.96 24.64
Rimba Nipple Clamps with 150g Weights
If you are looking for gratification to your nipple region and enjoy bondage games simultaneously try out some of these Nipple Clamps with 150g Weights attached. The heaviness of these weights combined with the non-adjustable metal clamps will increase the level of pleasure/pain to your nipples markedly.
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34.44 22.96

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